Reason of growing as human being

I was reviewing my goals for the second half of 2014. And I starting to think about what motivates me to grow as a person, engage in self-development, spiritual development and to grow my wealth.

I very quickly realised that my family unit and my children are my motivation.

What is yours?

This is the main reason why I want to make more money. As a society we are made to feel that MONEY is a BAD thing. And that it is our GREED that keeps us wanting MORE MONEY.

I strongly believe that Money is not my main driving force. It is what I can do with it. I know MONEY can help me provide the best OPPORTUNITIES for my children in their education and general all-round DEVELOPMENT. It can help us live a more ENRICHED LIFESTYLE, Invest in my SELF DEVELOPMENT, go on exciting HOLIDAYS and enjoy amazing experiences with my FAMILY.

What can more MONEY provide you?

And that is the one reason I invested in PROPERTY and more specifically in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs). HMOs gave me the ability to REPLACE MY J.O.B INCOME by RENTAL INCOME in 1 year.

This gave me the OPPORTUNITY to get out of the RAT RACE to enjoy the FREEDOM OF TIME and CHOOSE my own CAREER and to INVEST in myself the PERSON. It has allowed me be there for my children as they are growing up. To go on the path of SELF DISCOVERY, learn more about myself, what I ENJOY, FOCUS on my core VALUES in LIFE and in all round SELF-DEVELOPMENT.

I realise NOW that I was so busy in my 9-5 routine that I didn’t know myself as a PERSON. I could not afford the time for my children to be unwell as I had limited annual holidays. I have also discovered my CONTRARIAN nature. And how I enjoy being a LEADER more than being a FOLLOWER. I would have never known these things about myself had I not had the TIME.


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