Tips on Importing Vehicles from Japan

Payment security is the basic need while importing used cars from Japan to anywhere across the globe. It serves as the base of developing trust and worthiness among the importers internationally. The buyer needs to be well aware and fully informed about the dealer before making any payment transaction.

The buyer needs to be well aware and fully informed about the dealer before making any payment transaction in order to avoid frauds and scams. Being in some other country and having no idea about the dealer’s background and making payment against importing the car is surely very risky and may lead to fraud.

Now the question arises how to make your payment secure while importing used cars from Japan?

The answer to this question is to be aware and completely informed about the exporter or company you are dealing with before making any sort of payments to them. Avoid being an easy target to fraud companies.

For the Japan used car importers to be assured about their payment security there is a payment service JUMVEA Safe Trade being launched by JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) a recognized government organization and its members, to build trust and keep the payment of the buyer secured till they receive their vehicle. More such payment safety options need to be developed to encourage more importers all over the world to take interest in importing vehicle from Japan with 100% payment security.

Japan is the leading exporter of quality used cars all over the world with millions of used cars being exported yearly. Most of the used car exporters in Japan are genuine and honest, but still when it comes to money you have to be completely assured about the exporter with whom you are dealing.

There are many points to be taken care of while making payments to the exporters while importing your car from Japan:

1. Always collect complete details about used car exporters like their company, establishment, postal address, website, email, telephone, membership and others.

2. Verify their information: Check the company name or address on Google search, call on the registered phone number to verify existence.

3. Check if the company is member of known auction houses and reputed exporters associations like JUMVEA, JETRO, Chambers of Commerce, this will be a plus point for trust and worthiness.

4. Check if the company is paid member of popular used car portal sites.

5. Check company’s website thoroughly and collect maximum information to verify company is genuine or not. If have doubt ask for more information.

6. Very low price could be a trap, please double check with other exporters. Check the company more cautiously or buy from reliable exporter for little extra.

7. Check the company’s terms and conditions, the purchase process and payment terms.

8. Payment must be made in Company’s bank account in Japan only. Avoid making payment in personal name or outside Japan bank account.

9. Always order one or few units if dealing for first time.

P K Bansal is CEO of Japan used car portal sites and writes useful articles and topics to share information. To gain more information on the Import procedures and Rules & Regulations on the import of Japanese used cars from the trusted Japanese Used car Exporters, please visit our portal website:


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